As part of its commitment to its senior tenants, Hérault Logement is experimenting, starting this July 2021, with a self-decontaminating device, MS-Sticker®, in the common areas of its residences.

Thanks to an innovative process developed in Balaruc, Hérault Logement protects its senior tenants from bacteria and viruses, including that of Covid-19, by installing on the contact points of the common areas, the coating designed by the company MetalSkin Technologies.

Bactericidal and virucidal surfaces

Door and gate handles, call buttons and elevator handrails will thus be under high sanitary protection. This innovative process, tested in accordance with the NF S90-700 standard, makes it possible to evaluate the bactericidal action of a surface under real environmental conditions. It is currently being tested at the Les Albizzias residence in Montpellier. It is expected to be extended to all the residences with more than 20 units that have been awarded the Habitat Senior Services label by the social landlord, i.e. 21 residences for 809 units.

A multi-award winning concept

The Metalskin Technologies coating has a bactericidal action of 99% in minutes on bacteria, and 99.97% in 1 hour. The virucidal action also observed by the CNRS allows a 68% inhibition of the virulence of SarsCov-2 in 1 hour and 99.5% between 2 and 4 hours. This concept was awarded the Innovation Trophy at Hospital Expo 2014, and has since been developed by the Balaruc-based company, Metalskin Technologies. It also received the Best VSE Award in 2017 and the Trophée Or Normes Afnor 2019.