Aucune description alternative pour cette imageMetalSkin do Brasil is born. We created a company there to expand our efforts to promote our biocidal technology #metalskin, together with our partner Luhan Soriano Vaz. We have had many meetings among which our visit to the Brazilian Presidency palace. This meeting went beyond our expectations and we met interest, enthusiasm, and strong commitment to promote innovation to benefit the people. A good example are the SUS (Universal Health Service) where we proposed to implement MetalSkin® to improve hygiene. This is kind of different than the general reluctance, un-necessary doubts and administrative dead-ends we often face in France and Europe. Brazil is moving forward, Brazil is dynamic, and Brazil is pragmatic! One can observe this also at the private level where firms like Ambipar Group showed great interest in our innovation on the basis of the effective results we were able to give.