Kaufman & Broad x MetalSkin® x MS-Sticker®Kaufman & Broad decided to protect its teams by equipping its headquarters with our biocidal solutions that eradicate 99.96% of bacteria and inhibit 99.5% of SARS-CoV-2 :

– MetalSkin® → coating for door handles because it’s enough to open doors with your foot or elbow!
– MS-Sticker® → adhesive film for stair railings and toilet flushes in particular.

Thanks to Lionel SENAN for having selected the only bactericidal and virucidal solution that complies with NF S90-700, the only standard that guarantees its effectiveness in real conditions (unlike solutions evaluated according to ISO 22196 or JIS Z 2801)!

We also thank Mathieu BRODI and his teams for the quick installation of our products and their professionalism.

→ ON YOUR TURN, contact us to equip your offices so that your employees feel safe.

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