14/12/2021 – At Roissy Charles Gaulle airport, an experiment was conducted in November 2021 by the companies UUDS Aero, Transdev and Metalskin Technologies in a bus.

This experiment aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the combination of the use of MetalSkin® biocidal coating on contact points and periodic disinfection.

According to the results announced, the conclusions of this experiment are extremely positive and conclusive: the surfaces remained very slightly contaminated throughout the duration of the study.

This seems to provide public transport with an innovative solution to effectively and permanently protect the users who use it daily. In this sense, it is a real revolution in transport hygiene.

The microbial loads measured during 21 days on the contact points equipped with MetalSkin® remained constantly below the significance threshold (50), and often equal to zero.

In other words, between two disinfections (every three days), the elements equipped with MetalSkin® presented an excellent level of hygiene never reached over such a period of time.

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