Aperçu de REVÊTEMENT BACTÉRICIDE ET VIRUCIDE (1).pngTwo new rescue and victim assistance vehicles (VSAV) equipped with MetalSkin® have just been put into service for the SDIS 36 – Indre fire department!

When the Firemen choose a biocide solution for the contact surfaces in an intervention vehicle, they are not mistaken! Prevention and safety experts choose on the basis of the right criteria, in this case compliance with NF S90-700: the only standard that guarantees antimicrobial effectiveness in real conditions. MetalSkin® technology passes this standard, and that’s why firefighters and injured people will now be better protected! 🛡🦠

→ MetalSkin® eliminates 99.96% of bacteria and inhibits 99.5% of SARS-CoV-2!

Thank you to Lieutenant Colonel paul Malassigne for his selection and high standards. Thank you and congratulations to Fluorotechnique, MetalSkin® certified center, for carrying out the coating operations. And thanks to the body builder GRUAU (Gruau Group) for their collaboration in this integration. These are just the first vehicles in a very long series!

→ Protect your surfaces, stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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