Aucune description alternative pour cette imageIt is an understatement to say that this week ends on a high note with the signing of a cooperation with SBCC – Sociedade Brasileira de Controle de Contaminação, in the person of its president Gerson Catapano, with whom we will evaluate a whole series of scenarios in hospitals, laboratories, transportation… based on the standardization work of AFNOR Group and ISO/TC 330 at ISO – International Organization for Standardization .

🚌 Equally exciting is the development agreement we initiated between MetalSkin Technologies and SPTrans , in order to demonstrate in São Paulo the validity of using our anti-microbial surface solutions in the city’s transportation, starting with the suburban lines, which are highly exposed to health risks!

This confirms the movement in which we are participating in public transport in France: the change in the perception of hygiene in buses, trains, streetcars and metros is a worldwide awareness. We are in the right tempo and we will not slacken our efforts!

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