The ISO 7581 standard is coming!

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageThe work of the ISO/TC 330 Technical Committee at the ISO – International Organization for Standardization is continuing to publish the new international standard on the bactericidal action of antimicrobial surfaces. Led by AFNOR Group, this technical committee will produce standards that will finally take into account the final use of the product, and in particular the environmental conditions! This is the announced end of standards used to qualify the action of surfaces in conditions of humidity, temperature and contact time, which are unrelated to reality.

This is a considerable leap forward in the evaluation of antimicrobial surfaces, for the benefit and safety of all!

Meeting with the Brazilian Ambassador in France

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageToday we met with Ambassador Luis Fernando Serra, representative of the Brazilian State in France. We discussed with him the major issues of this large-scale project. With Luhan VAZ, the CEO of MetalSkin do Brasil, we discussed the research, industry and training issues that will enable MetalSkin Technologies to deploy its solutions in Brazil.

The least we can say is that the Brazilian state is in tune with our ambitions, which honors us, and reinforces our motivation to revolutionize environmental hygiene in this giant country!!!
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Aqua Free expands its MetalSkin® product line

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageVery nice working day with Aqua free Group in Hamburg. This company, licensed by MetalSkin since 2017, develops its product ranges around water hygiene by equipping them with #metalskin to avoid exogenous contamination! A qualitative, innovative and very relevant approach for the German leader of the sector!

Thanks to Matthias SAUER and his teams for their great welcome and congratulations for their strategic vision of the future of their industry!

MetalSkin do Brasil #3

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageIt is an understatement to say that this week ends on a high note with the signing of a cooperation with SBCC – Sociedade Brasileira de Controle de Contaminação, in the person of its president Gerson Catapano, with whom we will evaluate a whole series of scenarios in hospitals, laboratories, transportation… based on the standardization work of AFNOR Group and ISO/TC 330 at ISO – International Organization for Standardization .

🚌 Equally exciting is the development agreement we initiated between MetalSkin Technologies and SPTrans , in order to demonstrate in São Paulo the validity of using our anti-microbial surface solutions in the city’s transportation, starting with the suburban lines, which are highly exposed to health risks!

This confirms the movement in which we are participating in public transport in France: the change in the perception of hygiene in buses, trains, streetcars and metros is a worldwide awareness. We are in the right tempo and we will not slacken our efforts!

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MetalSkin do Brasil #2

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageVery nice meeting today with ApexBrasil, and in particular its Commercial Director Lucas Fiuza. Apex is a structure in charge of facilitating investments in Brazil and promoting international trade from this country. The #metalskin topic has received their full attention and goodwill and we will definitely collaborate for the next operational phase of this project!

Our credibility on the subject of antimicrobial surfaces and our clear and dynamic development strategy are considerable assets to convince them of the need to deploy our innovations in SUS centers and urban transport.

Thanks to the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in France – CCBF, especially Juliana Guiguet and Rosemeire Martins, for their sound advice, as well as to Business France for their information and support.

🤝 We are now perfectly supported to carry out a large-scale economic, health and social project in Brazil.

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MetalSkin do Brasil #1

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageWe have the great privilege to be received at the University of São Paulo (Universidade de São Paulo / USP) in Ribeirão Preto by Prof. Fernando Belissimo, who heads the Department of Social Medicine, and the Infection Prevention team of the University Hospital.

We have laid the foundation for a wonderful cooperation with USP to carry out a large environmental hygiene study to demonstrate the usefulness of the use of #metalskin in hospitals. We will rely on the expertise of Prof. Belissimo and Clean Hospitals who have agreed to accompany the project under the benevolent supervision of Alexandra Peters and PITTET DIDIER.

This study will be foundational in many ways and the demonstration of the dynamism of Brazil!

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MetalSkin do Brasil: The comeback!

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageBack to São Paulo for the development of #metalskin!

🗓 Today: Lunch with the Vice President of the Association of Municipalities of the State of São Paulo followed by a very promising meeting with InvestSP to support the scientific, logistical and industrial development of MetalSkin do Brasil.

A great sanitary and social project is being born in Brazil around our technology while in France some people still take refuge behind the tragic “nothing obliges us”… Imagine that in Brazil neither “nothing obliges them”… except the awareness of improving the daily life of the population in transports, hospitals, SUS and schools…

→ The desire to Do: that makes all the difference.

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"COVID-READY BUILDING" : TECTON x METALSKINWe are pleased to join the “COVID-READY BUILDING” program following the merger of MetalSkin Technologies with property renovation specialists, TECTON.

💡 The objective of this innovative program?

– To draw up an in-depth audit of the existing and/or the project in relation to its level of sanitary protection.
– To give quantified recommendations to increase the level of protection.
– To simulate the level of protection (Basic, Intermediate, High 1, High 2 and High 3) according to the selected recommendations.

→ MetalSkin® solutions, because they comply with NF S90-700, are part of the recommendations to protect surfaces in order to avoid a maximum of cross-contamination in company offices.

📞 Contact us to learn more!

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Indre: antimicrobial paint in firefighters’ ambulances – La Nouvelle République

Les deux ambulances livrées aux centres de secours de Châteauroux et Issoudun font l’objet de premiers tests d’un traitement des surfaces anti-microbien.

Two new fire department vehicles have been painted with copper to limit contamination.

Two new rescue and victim assistance vehicles were delivered to the Issoudun and Châteauroux fire departments’ rescue centers last week. These ambulances, which are used on many interventions, have a new equipment: an antimicrobial paint, based on copper.
“We’ve been working with the Indre fire brigade for a little over two years now,” explains Stéphane Penari, director of the Metal Skin company, which has developed this principle of paint (and now of adhesive coating) in which copper is integrated. “It has the ability to kill yeast and bacteria. This has been known for a long time, hence the copper basins for cooking.”

Two hours for a complete disinfection of a vehicle

However, the ambulances are not equipped with “copper” uprights, but with an anthracite paint. “It is a specific alloy”. According to the director of MetalSkin, this will help to “slow down” the spread of contamination. “We often use the metaphor of car brakes: the invention of ABS didn’t improve the brakes, but it did help us keep control. Now we have better control over the risk of contamination.”
An equipment, while the epidemic of Covid-19 continues, which has its use in the emergency practiced every day by firefighters. “A complete vehicle disinfection is two hours. We can’t always do it every time we come back from an intervention”, explains Major Paul Malassigné, head of the logistics group of the Indre departmental fire and rescue service.
The vehicles thus equipped have an additional reinforcement to limit propagation: tests show that bacteria or microbes are destroyed by copper ions in two hours, whereas they persist for several hours on other metals, such as stainless steel.
Some of the interior equipment of the ambulance, the most used to climb in or to stabilize, were therefore treated with this specific paint, in an approved center of the Metal Skin brand, in the Bordeaux region.
“These first two ambulances were lightly equipped with it to see if it lasts over time with the cleaning and disinfection protocols.” The amount of copper used is minimal. “We use a protection of about 150 microns thick, which we make with recycled copper,” explains Stéphane Penari. His process, which has been registered and is used by certified dealers, is also being used in some health care institutions.