Every day we come into contact with a considerable number of surfaces that are soiled and colonized by potentially dangerous microbes.

MetalSkin® has many applications and allows treated surfaces to become self-decontaminating. MetalSkin® thus multiplies the efficiency of the cleaning and disinfection protocols that must be maintained.

Its application makes it possible to divide the number of bacteria by an average of 3,000 in 1 hour. The cost of application increases the cost of the basic elements by 10 to 20%. The possibility of applying it to a wide variety of surfaces eliminates the constraints and offers incomparable possibilities of realization.

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Healthcare Buildings

Hospitals, clinics, elderly houses… are places where MetalSkin® can bring bactericidal properties to high-risk surfaces: door handles, lift buttons, light switches, tap handles, handrails, flush plates, beds, bedside trays, etc..
A crossover study was carried out in a surgery ward (see Studies). This study concluded that the use of MetalSkin® to lower the bacterial burden on hand touched surfaces was efficient.
In France 750.000 people get an Hospital Acquired Infection. 80% of the cross contaminations are driven by hands. This is a serious matter of public health.

Public Places

Public places are also exposed to the risk of bacterial contamination: offices, music halls, airports, railway stations, malls, supermarkets, hotels, etc… host a huge number of multi-touched surfaces.

The furniture, the cashiers, the trolleys, the public lavatories, the help desks, lifts, door handles, etc…

These are places with important daily flows of people that need an optimized hygiene enhancement plan.

MetalSkin® is is in the process of elaborating a training program and a diagnosis method to evaluate and manage the sanitary risks linked with surfaces in public places.

Public Transportation

The public means of transportation are obviously the place where cross contaminations are numerous. The tube, tramways, buses or trains are concerned, as well as planes and cruise ships.

For the last three ones , the danger is even amplified as pathogen agents can be transported from a country to another.

Grab bars, handles, buttons, switches, toilets, folding tables, etc… are areas where the use of MetalSkin® would be of great sense.

Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

A contaminated line of production – for drugs, cosmetics or grocery goods – can lead to serious sanitary and financial aftermaths.

The production environment (sanitaries, locker rooms, cafeteria, offices) has to be taken care of.

According to the applicable regulation, some infrastructures closer to the production line can also be treated with MetalSkin® (clean rooms, doors, barriers…).

In restaurants also, when taking into account the risk of contamination during the production process, one can find useful to protect the command buttons, fridge and oven handles, etc…

I.T & Telephone

The connected objects and the IT hardware are items where great loads of bacterias can be found.

Telephone handsets, cell phone or tablet cases, keyboards, mice, usb drives, power banks… all are carrying numerous bacterias and are rarely efficiently cleaned by the users.

It is just wise to bring them a self-decontaminating performance through the use of MetalSkin®.