The MetalSkin ecosystem

The Metalskin ecosystem is organized into distinct clusters:
The “certified centers” cluster includes companies that we select according to specific criteria that guarantee the manufacture of products that integrate antimicrobial coating into the manufacturing process. Our industry specifications ensure the standardization of products manufactured by our certified centers. Metalskin offers a range of products for everyday use that incorporate its technology: doorknobs, switches, lift buttons, toilets, sinks, etc. ….
The “specialized distributors” division groups together distributor networks for our antimicrobial adhesive, which can be adapted to any surface and allows the total and immediate transformation of contact surfaces.

Two Certified Centers

Two Certified Centers which perfectly master the installation of our coating MetalSkin® and are the only ones authorized to do so.

525, Z.I. La Plaine 01580 Izernore
phone : 04 74 76 51 78
Mail :
website :

9, Rue Vert Castel – ZI du Vert Castel 33700 Mérignac
phone : 05 56 15 05 00
Mail :
website :

Specialized Distributors

Specialized Distributors who offer MS-Sticker®

 Cocci Network





They trust us and use our MetalSkin® and MS-Sticker® solutions.

IT and connected objects

Bulk food distribution

Water hygiene

Phones, Digicode Porters

Accessories for aluminum and PVC joinery

Cart design

Aeronautics and Transport